• SHOWING RESULTS FOR: misinformation

  • How to verify a voice note from your phone

    Voice messages have many advantages – they are expressive and convenient, for example. But they are also a tremendous source and channel for the dissemination of false information

  • Misinformation and disinformation a real threat to elections

    Misinformation and disinformation are not only a threat to democracy but a direct threat to the sustainability of credible news media, says a media watchdog group

  • Why health journalism should be a priority for African newsrooms

    Journalists play a key role in reaching communities and sharing information on issues related to medicine, new trends in the health sector, policies and local and global disease outbreaks

  • Sunshine Cinema collaborating with journalists to fight misinformation

    Sunshine Cinema, a non-profit media organisation in Zimbabwe, aims to engage journalists and develop the media space in the Matabeleland regions


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