1. Pay your journalists

2. Develop a fundraising mindset

3. Diversify revenue stream

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4. Involve citizens in your market research

5. Build a local network with local newspapers

6. Upskill your employees


  • How are news publications diversifying revenue streams?

    A reader revenue model is a business model in which some or all revenue comes from the direct financial support of readers

  • How newsrooms should approach paywalls

    Finding the right paywalls and which content to put behind a paywall can be challenging. We spoke to Yvette Dimiri, head of subscription growth at Stears Business, on how they successfully monetised their content

  • How content can be monetised in Africa

    Content is the ultimate product, and the product needs to have an audience. It is important for media publications to tailor their content to audiences

  • How to implement a digital-first business model

    Media houses and publications are using technology and emerging business models to create alternative revenue streams


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