By Mary Mundeya

Why did you apply for the Jamlab Accelerator Programme?

We applied for the Jamlab Accelerator Programme because we wanted to have a better understanding of how to properly and sustainably manage our media start-up. In addition, we also wanted to establish synergies with other growing media outlets.

What does your start-up do?

She Corresponds Africa is an all-female media outlet that focuses on under-reported human interest stories in a bid to speak truth to power and provide the missing link and engagement between marginalised communities and relevant authorities in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Through the work of our all-female workforce, our mission is to amplify marginalised voices, promote access to information, and strengthen meaningful public participation whilst curbing the gender inequality that has been bedeviling the media industry for centuries.

What makes our organisation unique?

We offer high-quality reporting that shines a light on underreported stories and speaks truth to power thus restoring public trust in news by providing an antidote to propaganda, fake news and clickbait to engaged readers who often feel overwhelmed by too many untrusted information sources.

Who is our target audience?

Our customers are Zimbabweans based in the country or abroad who are in need of non-polarised news that speaks truth to power and provides the missing link and engagement between them and relevant authorities in the country.

What issue/problem do you want to solve through the Jamlab Accelerator Programme?

How to sustainably manage and grow our business.

What are you hoping to gain from the Jamlab Accelerator Programme?

  • How to build and maintain an audience
  • How to apply for funding
  • To properly define the problem we are solving and the solution we are offering

Mary Mundeya is the founder of She Corresponds Africa and has been selected as one of the seven teams on the Jamlab Accelerator Programme.

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