Jamlab Africa is excited to welcome seven companies from across the continent as part of our 2023 Accelerator Programme. We have chosen teams that are dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking, and show promise in being able to take their companies beyond the borders of Africa.

With only seven spaces available on the programme, the selection process has been challenging as we’ve received incredible entries from across the continent. We received over 180 applications with a wide range of themes from intersectionality of media and tourism, to preserving wildlife in Africa and storytelling through fashion, all adding to the continent’s diverse media and journalism landscape. What stood out through the process is that media entrepreneurs and journalists are concerned about issues of climate change, tackling misinformation and disinformation through fact-checking, and ensuring that the stories of marginalised groups in society are told.

The current cohort will be tackling various media challenges in their countries. The programme provides journalists and innovators with tools to support their companies.

Meet the cohorts:

Agri Ghana Online (Ghana)

Agri Ghana Online is an online platform that provides timely and relevant information about the agricultural industry, serving as a one-stop shop for all agricultural, food security, nutrition, environmental news, and feature stories.

CDIAL AL (Nigeria)

CDIAL AI is a frontier technology company creating smart and inclusive technology software applications and hardware devices by leveraging artificial intelligence and collective intelligence. They are on a mission to create solutions for millions of Africans who are unable to access information, mobile apps, technology skills and tools in their local languages, and this unfortunately continues to push them into abject poverty.

Global Press (Zimbabwe)

Global Press Journal, the award-winning feature and investigative journalism website, publishes in seven languages. Global Press Journal maintains 40+ independent news bureaus staffed with local women reporters. Using a unique distribution strategy, their news coverage reaches both hyperlocal audiences and international audiences. There, news coverage priorities are determined by the local reporters in hopes of disrupting static narratives and increasing access to accurate information.

She Corresponds Africa (Zimbabwe)

She Corresponds Africa is an all-female news outlet that focuses on under-reported human-interest stories in a bid to speak truth to power and provide the missing link and engagement between marginalised communities and relevant authorities in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Through the work of their all-female workforce, their mission is to amplify marginalised voices, promote access to information, and strengthen meaningful public participation, while curbing the gender inequality that has bedeviled the media industry for centuries.

Afro Communities of Hope (South Africa)

Afro Communities of Hope is an organisation that aims to empower young people from marginalised communities, particularly migrants, through media production. The organisation provides training in journalism, filmmaking, and other media arts, and then collaborates with community members to produce news, features, investigations, and art that can help to improve their quality of life. By giving young people a voice and a platform, Afro Communities of Hope hopes to position them in the decision-making process about their community and their well-being.

The Last Drop Africa (Uganda)

The Last Drop Africa is a media non-profit founded with the sole mission to counter man-made destruction of our environmental ecosystem. Their goal is to teach Africa’s future generations to value and protect their planet. Published under the auspices of Green Journalism Africa (Ltd), The Last Drop is the first of the behavioral change communication solutions we champion to sensitise, demonstrate, and promote sustainable, scalable, and practical solutions through creative storytelling.

Greenprenuers (Nigeria)

The Greenprenuers is a TV and online show that promotes knowledge and skills as well as attitudes and behaviors towards the fulfillment of environmentally focused Sustainable Development Goals and the climate of the future. The content production is orchestrated to stir up front-burner conversations with solutions that are equitable by design and delivered to increase diversity in the global community working on climate change.

These include waste management/recycling, reducing energy consumption, ensuring optimal air quality, minimising the environmental impact of maintenance services, minimising water consumption, and encouraging the use of alternative transportation methods.

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