How did the project begin?

At its core, coastal resilience is a solutions-based issue. Why was that important to you, as a journalist, to be able to tell the climate change story from this perspective?

What was the most difficult to understand about coastal resilience?

How did the project evolve?

What was the most difficult part/s of working with this data?

How did you decide to focus on Quarry Road as a sort of “case study within a case study”?

As a longtime environmental journalist, was there anything that surprised you in your reporting and research?

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What did you find the most difficult part of the reporting process?

What tools did you use in data collection, analysis and visualisation? What were the most helpful in telling the story?

With more time and resources, what would you have done? Looking back on the process, what would you have done differently?


How to find and use climate data about Africa



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