We are thrilled to announce that we have chosen six teams from Sub-Saharan Africa who will be participating in a virtual six-month programme with the teams tackling varying media challenges in their respective countries.

The teams are based in South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya and Liberia.

The programme will offer a unique opportunity to fast-track these teams initiatives. It will provide them with the tools, facilities, contacts, and support necessary to convert their ideas and ambitions into a commercially viable venture or product.

Newsify Africa (South Africa)

Newsify Africa is a marketplace for independent journalists, writers, and multimedia storytellers which enables contributors to earn money based on engagement. It is a platform for journalists to exercise their talents and collaborate with their peers in a meritocracy. It is the gamification of news that is wired to reward quality, originality, reach, and engagement.

ResearchCom (Tanzania) 

ResearchCOM, is a niche media company that uses science journalism/science communication skills and media strategies to inform the Swahili-speaking communities and the wider audiences in Tanzania; and neighbouring regions in Africa about science research and scientific developments.

Dataphyte (Nigeria)

Dataphyte is a media, research and data analytics organisation deploying data tools and technology for the socio-economic development of Nigeria. Dataphyte’s purpose is to provide a combination of digital products and data analytics technology to power socioeconomic development as an end-to-end Data as a Service (DaaS) organisation. Their work leverages human and open-source intelligence (OSINT) technology to mine public data and present them through data visualisation tools for social accountability and media resourcing.

The Goodheart Company (Kenya)

The Goodheart Company is an experience-driven media and technology company that delivers programming through innovative storytelling. The company was founded in February 2022. They believe in power of collaboration and that innovative storytelling coupled with emerging technology can be merged creatively to create transformation and impact in Africa

AdvertWise (Nigeria)

AdvertWise, founded by Peters Unekwu Onyilo, enables users to aggregate media content and book advertisements across media from the comfort of their locations.

The Stage Media (Liberia)

The Stage Media (TSM) is Liberia’s first fact-checking media institution with the overarching vision of mitigating misinformation and disinformation. Since its establishment in 2020, the Stage Media – Liberia has collaborated and nurtured partnerships that espoused the values of tackling misinformation and disinformation while bringing to light untold stories of survivors of (abuse or civil war) and ensuring that the powerful and elites are held accountable. TSM is also involved in investigative and human-interest stories with a specific focus on anti-corruption in the security and justice sector and documenting existing practices and norms that seek to obscure accountability for the powerful.

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