OPENING PLENARY: The influence of AI on media and governance in Africa 

This plenary will be joint between the Civic Tech Innovation Network and Jamlab Africa and will have panelists from both organizations*

PAPER PRESENTATION: Dr. Gregory Gondwe, Harvard – Berkman Klein Centre, presents his paper titled CHATGPT and the Global South: how are journalists in sub-Saharan Africa engaging with generative AI?

PANEL:  AI-driven journalism: enhancing accountability and amplifying minority voices in Africa. 

Workshop in collaboration with Develop AI: AI Journalism in Africa (ethics, tools, etc.)  with Paul McNally, Develop AI, founder 

Workshop in collaboration with DW Akademie: TikTok journalism  

DW has a training kit for journalists to incorporate one of the fastest-growing social networks into their reporting. The training manual is aimed at journalists working in small newsrooms and they have already started training journalists in the Southern part of the continent. 

PANEL: Media sustainability: Redefining business models 

  • What does it mean to create journalism that is sustainable for society? 
  • Look at functional start-ups. 
  • Content and Funding of media
  • Lessons and Opportunities 

PANEL: 100 YEARS OF RADIO: Celebrating the diversity of radio across the continent 

  • Diversity of radio across the continent 
  • History of the medium (Eastern, Southern, Western & Lusophone African perspective) 
  • Radio and peace in conflict-stricken countries. 

PANEL: Misinformation vs. Disinformation in Africa  

This is important as countries across the continent go to the polls.

PANEL: How can we get more climate reporting into newsrooms? 

Research compiled by Dr. Enock Sithole found that newsrooms in the Global South need adequate climate change reporting. For newsrooms that have climate reporting, it is reported from a high-level decree and fails to inform how it affects the man on the street, while some report on climate issues about the Global North and fail to tailor the problems for Africa. 

MASTERCLASS in collaboration with Media Monitoring Africa:  How to spot misinformation and disinformation 

MASTERCLASS in collaboration with VOW: How to create content for convergent platforms 

Voice of Wits will teach participants how to package content for different audio platforms. 

MASTERCLASS in collaboration with SEEN: Augmented Reality-driven journalism 

Audience engagement: Bridging the gap between newsrooms and their audiences 

CLOSING PLENARY: Collaboration between the Civic Tech Innovation Network and Jamlab Africa

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