Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a highly debated topic in journalism. Questions have been raised about whether AI can help improve news organisations by allowing journalists to work efficiently and better serve their audiences.

How can your organisation use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help your news organisation? The Journalism AI team at Polis,  the journalism think tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has created a starter pack that explains what AI is and how AI processes can be adopted into newsrooms.

Journalism AI defines artificial intelligence as the use of algorithms and automation by news organisations, usually to make journalists work more efficiently or to deliver more relevant content to audiences. Machine learning is a subfield of AI and is defined as the use of algorithms that learn patterns from data and are able to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed to do so.

How can AI make journalists work efficiently and better service audiences? The starter pack gives 10 ways to use AI in journalism:

  • Using AI to automate your news production
  • Using AI for your journalistic investigations
  • Using AI to leverage the content in your archives
  • Using AI to understand what your audiences want
  • Using AI to optimise engagement and subscriptions
  • Using AI for fact-checking and verification
  • Using AI for comment moderation
  • Using AI to optimise your use of images
  • Using AI to identify and mitigate risks of bias
  • Using AI to cover the Covid-19 pandemic

To read more on the starter pack, click here. 

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The Polis, London School of Economics and Political Science will be hosting their second edition of the virtual JournalismAI Festival starting Monday, 29 November. There will be 18 sessions across 5 days, with over 60 speakers from over 20 countries. It is free to join and all sessions will be live-streamed on their YouTube channel.

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