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Telling stories from an African lens

“We have a lot of stories on disease, hunger, crime, violence and poverty and some of these are our realities, but we want to change how these stories are told by enabling people to tell their own stories and I think the easiest way to do that, is using smartphones,” said Yegon

Mojo challenges

The challenges that all three mobile journalists have faced are a lack of resources and people’s unwillingness to be interviewed using a smartphone. “People don’t feel comfortable to tell their stories without expensive equipment,” explained Kamuskay.

Covid-19 impact on mobile journalism

In Sierra Leone, Kamuskay said due to Covid-19 they’ve had to change and adapt how they interviewed people by using online platforms such as Zoom

Muwonge on the other hand, said he has not been able to do in-person interviews, and resorted to platforms such as Zoom.

Focus on human-interest stories

“There is no other person that can tell your story than yourself,” said Kamuskay, explaining that when people search for Sierra Leone on the Internet, what comes up is war and Ebola. He wants to tell human-interest stories, which are positive and show multiple sides of his countryman.


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