Jamlab is such a phenom, words are not enough to explain how much of a transformational journey it has been since we joined the lab. It was not a walk in the park, we worked, and when we thought we were done we had to do it again and again until we got it right. The beauty of it all is the lessons, the feedback and the growth that comes with all the hard work. Being around like-minded people, with an instructor like Indra de Lanerolle, who always challenged us to think again, we couldn’t have come out any less good. It was beautiful but hard. After all, “Growth and comfort cannot coexist.”

We have learned a lot of things as Club Readership during our time on the jamlab accelerator programme. The most important lesson is that of building relationships and connections in line with our work. We have learned that people do business with people. People work with people they know and they can trust. Our goal for the next few months, which is the last part of 2019, is to remain connected with potential clients and partners by adding value to their work. Our intentions among other things include sharing a newsletter or articles that can add value to them and their audiences consistently.

Our second goal will be to build a strong board of directors. We have potential candidates that we have identified and we will be engaging with them sharing more about the work we do and finding out about their availability to participate meaningfully on our programme. Towards the end of the year (2019), we are planning to officially appoint a board to support the executive and invest their skill sets to help CR grow.

We have every intention to send notional invoices to clients who cannot afford to pay to track the number of speaking engagements. With our articles, we also have a way to push book sales as well as to push publishing by putting links and contacts on how to procure books or publish books at the end of the article. We publish the articles on CR magazine and all CR social media platforms.

We have been able to do a weekly check-in and we can now collaborate on work remotely and hold each other accountable to meet deadlines as we all have access to progress reports. Furthermore, we are planning to improve our team by recruiting young and talented volunteers to be part of the team. Through jamlab were able to refine our business model and part of this refinery is the ability to clearly communicate the offer and the value we can add to possible additional members and we believe this will aid us in attracting talent.

During our time on the jamlab accelerator programme, we were able to complete a budget and business plan as well as a profile for Club Readership and most importantly generic tip.

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