Greenspace Zambia An online gardening platform with tips and tricks to educate and inspire urban gardeners in Zambia so they can create their own greenspace at home through various digital media platforms.


  • Soul City

    Soul City aims to build a new young women’s radio station. They are looking to exploit new technologies as well as traditional media to advance social justice for young women and girls.

  • Media Factory

    Media Factory is a new citizen journalists mobile news agency made up of young content creators

  • Global Girl Media SA

    The Global Girl Media aims to build on the training programme they have been running since 2010 and create a viable enterprise for young women from townships and rural areas in media.

  • African Tech Round-up

    African Tech Round-up aims to extend its existing podcasts, which have already built up an influential audience and network in the African tech community, into video and also develop a sustainable viable business strategy.


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