By Christopher Nwaogboh

  1. Why did you apply for the Jamlab Accelerator Programme?

I belong to the school of thought that believes continuous education is the key engine of human growth even in the face of a technology takeover. I see the programme as a unique opportunity to learn from a different clime, take my business model to the next level, and grow my network while looking forward to a grant for the business or funding from venture capitalists or angel investors.

  1. What does your start-up do?

The Greenpreneurs is a TV and online show that presents viewers and live studio audiences with informative content on low carbon footprints, resource efficiency and social inclusiveness. It inspires entrepreneurs to make profitable decisions, improve efficiency, and create a healthier environment.

We use content creation and green storytelling as a propeller for citizens’ action on environmentally focused Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the climate of the future we desire. Thereby, promoting a society of reducing, reusing, and recycling for a sustainable earth.

  1. What makes your organisation unique?

Our content production on The Greenpreneurs is designed as a 360 climate and green economy platform with four segments:

  1. The green business update (news format)
  2. From waste to wealth (documentary style)
  3. The green advocates (personality interview with a live studio audience)
  4. Green ethos (vox pops from the streets and events)

5. Who is your target audience?

First, it is the final consumer or end user of the products and services that constitute a carbon footprint in our environment, then the second target audience is manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications companies, original equipment manufacturers and financial institutions.

6. What issue/problem do you want to solve through the Jamlab Accelerator Programme?

A clearer understanding of how best The Greenpreneurs as a TV and online show can become the matchmaking platform for green investors, green advocates and SDG promoters, brands in the circular economy value chain, recycling, water, hygiene and sanitation, renewable energy, green agriculture, green architecture. So in the next 5 to 10 years, citizens’ understanding and actions about their role in the climate we all desire would have advanced and the impact felt in the environment will have improved.

7. What are you hoping to gain from the Jamlab Accelerator Programme?

  • Mediapreneurs with a perfect or better marketing and sales pitch, unique value proposition and impact-driven mission
  • An investment-ready media business
  • Increased network and net worth

Christopher Nwaogboh is the founder of The Greenpreneurs and has been selected as one of the seven teams on the Jamlab Accelerator Programme.

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