By Fortune Moyo

When I was accepted as a fellow at the Jamlab Accelerator Programme, I had my own plans and ideas about my enterprise and how it was going to go. I had no idea that I would be made to ask myself questions that I did not even think of asking.

The questions I was made to ask myself were interesting and mind-opening. They made me look at my enterprise from a different perspective. A couple of months into the programme, I began seeing my enterprise as a much bigger possibility than I had initially imagined or planned it to be.

My enterprise is something that I had begun a few months before I was accepted as a Jamlab fellow. However, a few months into the programme, I started viewing my enterprise not just as a project but as something which I could grow regionally and internationally.

I was excited at the possibility of making money out of my enterprise – something I had not thought about.

Being on the Jamlab Accelerator Programme has elevated the possibility of my enterprise being bigger and better. The courses during the programme helped me to see my enterprise as a business which needed proper planning and marketing skills.

My journey on Jamlab so far has been exciting and challenging at the same time. Jamlab made me realise that my project can be bigger and better than what I had initially envisioned.

Jamlab has grown my enterprise from a mere idea to a whole project that can be funded, and for that, I am grateful for having been chosen as one of the Jamlab 2023 fellows.

Fortune Moyo is an impact analyst at Global Press and has been selected as one of the seven teams on the Jamlab Accelerator Programme.


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