• Soul City

    Soul City aims to build a new young women’s radio station. They are looking to exploit new technologies as well as traditional media to advance social justice for young women and girls.

  • Media Factory

    Media Factory is a new citizen journalists mobile news agency made up of young content creators

  • Global Girl Media SA

    The Global Girl Media aims to build on the training programme they have been running since 2010 and create a viable enterprise for young women from townships and rural areas in media.

  • African Tech Round-up

    African Tech Round-up aims to extend its existing podcasts, which have already built up an influential audience and network in the African tech community, into video and also develop a sustainable viable business strategy.

  • Quote This Woman+

    Quote This Woman+ aims to build a database of credible experts of women and under-represented voices that newsrooms can easily access.

  • Politically Aweh

    Politically Aweh is a news satirical show produced by Bouncing Biscuit Studios. The team, aims to build their video satire show into a big media brand in South Africa.


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