• Solutions journalism and its benefits for Africa

    Solutions journalism offers the journalist a unique opportunity to stand out of the crowd by spotting new stories and new angles

  • Spotlight on public health journalism in South Africa

    Spotlight is a donor-funded public health journalism publication that provides in-depth coverage of South Africa’s health systems, the people it affects as well as the country’s response to TB and HIV

  • Africa No Filter’s bird: shifting narratives about Africa

    bird stories are targeted at Africa’s mobile-first audience and encompass audio, video, graphics, and text by contributors from across the continent

  • IWACU Open Data: a data journalism platform in Burundi

    The IWACU Open Data aims to provide open data about Burundi. The platform hopes to position itself as an essential working tool for journalists confronted with the problem of access to data in the country

  • How to get the most out of your newsletter

    If you run a newsroom, you would be wise to pay attention to the rapid rise of email marketing

  • Pod Save Africa: Lessons from an African podcaster

    Oyinkansola Aderele, cohost and creative director of Pod Save Africa shares her journey of starting and building a podcast


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