• How a Facebook account became a newsroom

    Rassd is an Egyptian news network that was originally launched on Facebook in 2010 to convey news and information about the Egyptian revolution but quickly became an alternative media network

  • TikTok: the fastest growing platform for news

    The Digital News Report for 2022 highlights the changes in media consumption, an increase in selective news avoidance and the continued impact of the coronavirus on news

  • NileWell: bridging the gap between scientists and journalists

    NileWell is the first online platform connecting environmental scientists and journalists in the Nile Basin region

  • Jamlab Accelerator welcomes six media innovators to the programme

    This six-month hothouse accelerator initiative for journalism and media innovators will provide teams with the necessary tools, contacts and support to help realise their ideas and ambitions

  • Inside Burundi: Espoir Iradukunda’s fight for facts

    Espoir Iradukunda is a health and environmental reporter as well as founder of Inside Burundi — an online publication that combines data journalism with investigative and environmental journalism

  • Through the lens with Nigeria’s Aisha Salaudeen

    Aisha Salaudeen is a Nigerian award-winning multimedia journalist, writer and producer for CNN International


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