By Linda Godji-Incoom

Agri Ghana Online is very much excited to be accepted into the Jamlab Accelerator – a programme meant to nurture early-stage journalism and media startups. We saw it as the perfect platform to propel our agricultural news venture to new heights. The prospect of receiving mentorship and guidance from industry experts was too valuable to pass up. is an agricultural news and information website. We envisage the website to become the most reliable and credible resource tool or platform for all agricultural, environmental and food security issues, providing timely, accurate, and engaging content related to the agricultural sector. Our aim is to bridge the gap between farmers, agribusinesses, and consumers by delivering insights, trends, and practical knowledge. Through our platform, we aspire to empower individuals and organisations within the agricultural industry with the information they need to make informed decisions, increase productivity, and foster sustainable practices.

What sets Agri Ghana Online apart is our unwavering commitment to the agricultural sector. It is a one-stop shop for all news and information in the agricultural sector.

Our target audience encompasses a broad spectrum of individuals and organisations involved in the agricultural sector. This includes farmers, agribusiness professionals, policymakers, researchers, educators, and consumers seeking to connect with the food they consume.

One of the significant problems we seek to solve through the Jamlab Accelerator Programme is the lack of media promotion, resulting in limited global coverage and inadequate recognition of its importance, environmental impact, and economic contributions. By participating in the Jamlab Accelerator Programme, we aim to leverage the resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities provided by Jamlab to accelerate our start-up’s growth and establish ourselves as a leading force in agricultural news and information. We aim to refine our strategies, build strong partnerships, and create a lasting impact in the realm of agricultural journalism.

We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to the journey ahead as we work towards a more connected and informed agricultural community.

Linda Godji-Incoom is the founder of Agri Ghana Online and has been selected as one of the seven teams on the Jamlab Accelerator Programme.

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