By Simphiwe Mabaso

It’s interesting to think, in retrospect, that when GlobalGirl Media South Africa (GGM) joined the JAMLAB accelerator programme, six months seemed like it was still a lifetime away. Today, four months into the programme, we’ve realised how far from the truth this is. We only have about a month and a half left until the end of our time at JAMLAB.

The journey has been one of various changes and pivots in ideas and strategies and even in the way that we now think about our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is different. Through the Creating the Media course, we are learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. We explore questions around what it means in an African context and why start-ups fail.

In the past few weeks we had a presentation to the board. From the feedback we received, we learnt we cannot expect the next person to be clear about what we do if we are not clear. Clarity comes with conviction and understanding. Clarity also comes with bearing in mind that one can never go wrong with simplicity. Anyone who you are pitching to needs to understand exactly what you are offering them.

Another lesson learned is that commitment and consistency are important. Do not leave things half done if you are feeling the pressure. Keep at it and refine it. Failure is the only way to learn. Make mistakes, but learn quickly from them and move on to the next challenge.

Nothing good and sustainable ever comes easy. When we start to feel the heat and pressure, maintaining the goal of the Bureau is key. We are reminded of why we are doing what we do, that we want to make a significant impact on the lives of many young women from townships and rural areas. GGM is a social enterprise that aims to be self-sustaining so that we are able to help young women around South Africa to realise their dreams.

Therefore, we are adamant about making the Media Production Bureau a success. The services in the Bureau will be provided by these young women. This is an opportunity for practical experience which goes hand in hand with skills enhancement.

As GGM, at the end of this programme the aim is to have everything in order to not only have a viable business but to also train others in entrepreneurial skills.

It is a process of cultivation and the beginning of the development of an entrepreneurial culture in Africa. Not only that, but we want to perpetuate a culture of entrepreneurship amongst South African women.

JAMLAB has provided a good space for entrepreneurs to share ideas and create valuable synergies amongst even the other teams that are part of this programme.

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